Self Care For Parents

Let’s be honest, self care for parents is tough!! The research shows us it is extra tough to find time for it when you have a special needs child. Unfortunately that means it is all the more important to prioritize!!! Lets take a look at some categories of self care: Physical Health through Food and […]

ACT Therapy

  ACT Therapy (acceptance and commitment therapy) is a type of therapy that is based in applied behavior analytic principles that address both internal and external behaviors. ACT therapy uses six processes to help people improve their behavior and their emotional regulation.    Six Processes of ACT Therapy    VALUES  is the center of ACT […]

Treating Adult Clients with Carlos Torres

What does it look like to ethically treat adult clients that can lead independent lives? Find out with our guest Carlos Torres, Director of the Transitions Program of Fox Valley Autism Treatment Program located in Appleton, WI. Listen to him nerd out with Ashley and Katie about how his passion for helping others led him […]