Functions of Behavior

What are the functions of behavior? Every behavior under the sun will fall into these categories. Once you become familiar with these functions, it will help you be able to navigate and problem solve any behavior. The research shows that if a behavior is effective for us we will keep doing it. Similarly if it […]

Why in the Heck Should I Care About ACT Therapy?

What is ACT therapy and how can it help you become a more ethical and compassionate ABA therapist? Listen to Ashley and Katie nerd out about how much they love Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and share some experiences with it in their own lives.

Should We Teach Social Skills?

There’s a debate on whether or not teaching social skills is ethical and whether we should be targeting them with Applied Behavior Analysis. Listen to Ashley and Katie nerd out about why it’s important to not only validate and listen to the community and individuals receiving services, but also ensure they are being taught skills […]

History of ABA

Ashley and Katie nerd out on their love for the field of ABA and introduce their podcast. Topics include how our field has some healing to do and how ABA and Psychology can be BFFs.